War is coming.  The land of Arcadea is in trouble.

In the very near future, portals to this this war-torn land will open, and you’ll have the chance to create your own destiny, explore how you see fit, and eventually take your place in the Hall of Heroes.

Will you chose to establish order and save civilization, or bring chaos and raze it to the ground?

In the real world, people lift, run, and train to stay in shape.

In Arcadea, people lift, run, and train to stay alive.

As we speak, wizards from the Order of the Eldars are working around the clock to stabilize the gateways that connect our world and Arcadea.  Although they’ve had some success, more time is needed before we can guarantee your safety in crossing over.

If you are truly heroic and have interest in being one of the first adventurers through the gates, inquire here.